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    YOU CAN live the life you once envisioned.
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    No matter your age or circumstance, YOU CAN transform your life and begin living with renewed purpose.

Do the chapters of your life look like this?

Personal Coaching
As a child, you had big dreams of what you’d become and what your life would look like. Your mind held no inhibitions or boundaries on what you could achieve.
Then years went by and you suddenly found yourself adulting. You looked up and realized that the dreams you once had were buried beneath a whirlwind of responsibility: soul crushing jobs, child rearing, bills that refuse to pay themselves, caring for spouses and/or aging parents.
Executive Coaching
Personal Coaching
Meanwhile, the life you once envisioned lay smothering under the weight of it all. You feel like you’ve missed the mark; like the only way to keep living is to exist unfulfilled because that’s just the way it is.

If I’ve just described your life and thought process... STOP IT!

YOU CAN live the life you once envisioned. No matter your age or circumstance, YOU CAN transform your life and begin living with renewed purpose. WE CAN HELP.


Personal Coaching:

  • LaShelle has the gift of listening and interpretation. Shelle has the natural ability to listen to the words I speak and help me decipher my true intentions. In the past three years Shelle has provided resources and reassurance in my being an active participant in my professional and personal life. Encouraging me to be my own advocate and fostering the development of my personal growth. Shelle possesses an undervalued gift and tools that assist those seeking the betterment they didn’t know they needed. 

  • LaShelle is truly a motivational angel. She has a way of pulling your dreams out of you, even if you haven’t fully realized what that dream is. She forces you to consider what you want and how what you are doing will help you reach that goal. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns but that is the thing I like most about Shelly. She isn’t going to allow you to minimize your potential or settle for less than you are capable of accomplishing. I’m blessed to have her as my mentor and friend.

  • LaShelle is an amazing, Leader, Mentor and Life Coach! Her guidance has been influential to me by helping me accomplish my goals by providing purpose, direction, and motivation! LaShelle, knew that I had a desire to have quality leadership to assist me with achieving my goals, both personal and professional development. She also had a clear vision and the motivation to perform at high levels of influence, causing me to work synergistically together with her to achieve my goals.  As a 20-year retired US Army Veteran, purpose, direction, and motivation are core values that are important to me. LaShelle, not only celebrated my wins, she turned every mistake into a learning opportunity. Her guidance has been influential, and I know it will shape my developing skills and habits in both personal and professional development. One of the things said by 4 Star Army General Colin Powell "If You are going to Achieve Excellence in Big things, You Develop the Habit in Little matters! Excellence is not an Exception; it is a Prevailing Attitude!”  LaShelle, has made excellence in Leadership, Mentoring and Life Coaching, a Prevailing Attitude!

  • I have been acquainted with LaShelle Vernon on a personal level for several decades. I have had the distinct pleasure of a front row view, not only of her personal development but also the development of her gifts. These special gifts have been the main conduit to what she has been able to create in the formation of Mylestone.

    It was not until I found my own life in crisis that I sought her out professionally to help me get my own life back on track. Over the past two years, first slowly and with great resistance on my part, Mylestone has helped guide my own journey from frantic and anxiety drive to focused and goal driven. I have been able to successfully work toward my personal, spiritual, and professionally goals with a greater confidence and aptitude that wasn’t there before Mylestone.  

    The individualized process that was developed for me has provided tools and thought processes that I can use to resolve most if not all issues going forward. This process transcends not only my own personal journey but that of my family members as well. The journey has not been an easy one for me personally but I am grateful and appreciative that Mylestone has been with me along the way.

  • Shelle has been an integral part of my life since I met her. At first observing how she manages all the many things she gets involved with, to getting to know her and realizing there are so many levels to her and yet she’s so grounded. She has that natural ability to lead - by example. Shelle has helped me grow personally and professionally, and given me perspectives from a leadership standpoint that I can carry into my daily life. She has been a true friend, a great coworker and leader and is always willing to give the time needed to talk situations through to reach the best outcome. She is a true inspiration to me and I am honored to have her in my life. 

Executive and Corporate Coaching Services:

  • As a Senior Leader in a Fortune 500 company, I have had the opportunity to observe La Shelle in working with both large and small teams. She has demonstrated the ability to raise awareness of key opportunities, push boundaries, effectively coach leaders, engineers, and other team members in which collectively have facilitated improvement in the overall organization effectiveness. In addition to those things she has personally helped me to continuously improve my leadership skills and provide better coaching to my subordinates while achieving the desired business results. Her ability to quickly identify gaps, recognize opportunities, and propose valuable solutions has been invaluable. She is truly one who can best be described as a Bold Change Leader whom would bring significant value to any organization.

    M. Woods – TES Senior Engineering & Maintenance Process Automation Principal at DowDuPont

  • Shelle, thank you for sharing your insight on how I can best support my team’s development. Your perspective on business culture, leadership dynamics, relationship-building and the specific nuances of management have been invaluable. You have a knack for delving deeper into discussions to identify underlying challenges. In doing so, you have created tangible opportunities to assist us. I was impressed to see your relationship-building skills in action. As a mentor to one of my employees, you cultivated a candid relationship out of a desire to help and gained trust in the process. Thank you for providing additional strategies to achieve desired results. Through these mentoring efforts and the various team building and leadership activities you devised, my team and I have enhanced interpersonal and leadership effectiveness. There is an old saying: Leave things better that you found them. You did that and more.

    S. Daigle – Site Leader MEGlobal America’s, Oyster Creek

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